Larger Moves

Larger Moves


Some jobs require more manpower, and ROXE is fully equipped to handle these. Our team includes qualified professionals that are able to facilitate large removals quickly and safely. We are trained to complete any task within an optimal timeframe, so even situations that may seem daunting will move with ease. ROXE can accommodate your move, whatever the circumstances—we simplify in order to maximise.

The team at ROXE take all complications away from your moving experience, and deliver your items with the utmost security and care. When you have lots of things to move it’s always a good idea to call the experts. Not only can we transport your belongings, we can take apart and/or assemble any type of furniture.


The team at ROXE take their job very seriously and are passionate about great service—this is one of the reasons we have become one of Cork’s favourite removal companies. During your free consultation we can discuss your situation to determine the moving strategy that’s best for you. Our satisfied clients are a testament to the stellar work we do, and we hope you’ll consider ROXE the next time you’re searching for a low-priced removal company.

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